John, could you point to resources abt the definition of actionable inputs?

I owned a copy of art of action by Stephen bungay so aligned autonomy is familiar to me

Less so actionable inputs

I have googled but nothing good shows up

Best I have found is these two



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Really creative framing of connecting the dots from Lagging Business Impact Goals ($) to Leading & Lagging Outcomes via a North Star metric.

I know I’m in the minority on this, but personally, I believe you need to start with *strategy*, then set metric goals (Leading to Lagging) to measure the effectiveness of that strategy.

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@John Cutler Re Uberman’s Cold Showers - just visit any Founder-led startup 😉

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Love this breakdown as it surfaces where effort needs to be put in, and what "how might we" conversation to focus on, e.g. how might we increase conviction in our Model/Strategy vs how might we increase conviction that our cascading goals will result in the desired outcomes.

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