Update: We are on to Year 2!

You can view all fifty-three 2020 posts here.

Original Challenge

For 2020 I am looking to write about cross-functional product development more regularly AND intentionally. Twitter is a great outlet, Medium was/is “easy” (but I increasingly felt that I didn’t control my >400 posts), and Cutle.fish gave me control, but not the immediate gratification of Twitter/Medium.

So I’d like to try something challenging and different. A weekly commitment to write a (likely short-ish) post on what I love — the beautiful mess of cross-functional product development. Not just product management. Not just design. Not just x, y, or z. Rather…the whole mess.

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The beautiful mess of cross-functional product development


Product development nut @Amplitude_HQ. I love wrangling complex problems/answering the why with qual/quant data. Writing at https://t.co/r1JgWT0NOs