Hi John! Thanks for sharing this. I'd like to ask you a question about where opportunities (or OKRs) should (or usually do) sit.

I have been checking the North Star Playbook and in the chapter where you explain how to put it into action https://youtu.be/8wF6VwRKrMc I see that the persistent model is composed by the north star metric and the inputs (level 1 bets) and, then, opportunities (level 2 bets) seem to be part of the time-bound domain with the OKRs living in the space between level 1 and level 2 bets with interventions being level 3 bets. Let's call this model a)

In this article, we can see that you place the opportunities somewhere between the persistent model and the time-bound domain and the OKRs sit in the space between the level 2 bets (opportunities) and the level 3 bets (interventions). Let's call this model b)

Q1: does the difference between a) and b) depend on the duration of the level 1 bets?

Q2: In b), are the opportunities bigger in size than in a) and thus they span more than 1 quarter and are not subject to the quarterly OKR planning cycle?

Q3: Based in a), I have always assumed that the one-pagers would always describe an opportunity (a 1-3 month bet). I am assuming that in b) this does not change, correct?

Many thanks.

Best regards

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Hi John! Quick question, the 'Healthy Workflows' diagram, what kind of software/tooling do you use to create such diagrams? I've dabbled with Omnigraffle, but I'm curious to see what you use. Thanks!

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