Meadows' places to intervene are somewhat flawed in human systems. Firstly, it is highly unethical to act directly on people's mindsets (or paradigms). Secondly, we must bear in mind that explicit goals undermine implicit motivation. Lastly, I would reframe interventions on feedback loops as amplifying working probes and dampening failing ones.

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Hi :) I just wanted to say thanks for this post, it was shared with me a couple of years ago and I am still (mostly to no avail) sending it to people in my organization.

I also wanted to let you know that the link to "Places to Intervene in a System" at the end is broken.

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Great post, thank you so much John!

Just to let you know there's a more recent version of Meadow's "Places to intervene in a system" in her book Thinking in Systems : https://wtf.tw/ref/meadows.pdf starting from page 145


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