Reading about the Value & Certainty factors that you're mentioning reminded me of the Impact & Confidence in the RICE prioritization framework.

What's the impact on the desired outcomes that we expect? (value assumption)

What's our confidence that this will have the expected impact? (certainty assumption)

Conversations around these topics tend to get hard to facilitate when people juggle with multiple assumptions in their heads and communicating with others just through spoken words (that can mean different things to different people) - that's why visual support for these conversations always helps. Similar to the drawings that you've shared - they help build shared understanding in the team, even if people don't necessarily agree with the same magnitude of impact / confidence from the get go.

Hope this resonates somehow,

Bülent Duagi

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Yesterday I had a conversation where, inspired by the famous Yoda quote, I said "Subjectivity leads to ambiguity, ambiguity leads to doubt, doubt lead to misunderstanding, misunderstanding leads to conflict.".

Conflict-avoidance as a conformity-seeking habit happens in most of the companies.

I then facilitated a discussion about the nature of the projects of the company and a difference in heuristics between tech and non-tech people emerged. I said "let's accept it and go on". I think I will resume that conversation using also part of the models you have shown here.


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