“Remember to also do the job you were hired to do (if you don’t you’ll be easier to discount)” 😅😂🥲 Loved this one. I remembered my early years of my different roles at engineering and design.

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There are techniques to prevent this.

1. Perform self dicsipline with regard to personal time management.

2. Plan your day to have 2 to 4 * fifteen minute durations where you can work on problems

3. Use divergent-convergent thinking techniques (start here: https://timeandemotion.com/creatable/)

4. Work in different modes to address the problem from your own perspective

5. Write your initial solution as a lean scene. Develop into a scenario if needed

6. Apply dialectics to predict the resistance from others in teams, operations and strategy.


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How to train to draw systems? Is there some workbook maybe, or competition even 😊? Just thinking out loud

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This matched my observations, challenges, and solutions in so many ways.

I wish there were fewer issues, but at least it's a bit of shared pain ;-)

Thank you.

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This resonates, especially around the need for rest, and fully accepting that you don’t get credit for informal influence. Thank you for sharing, John!

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Thank you, John!

Your insights and writings have always been a solid scafolding to my product journey. However, this one resonates deeply. Turns out that old system thinkers like me need to be reminded of these lessons too!

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