TBM 39/53: Neither, Either, While, Without

I like fill-in-the-blanks. Here are a couple I have been using recently in workshops and activities. What I like about these prompts is that they encourage people to consider polarities and tensions. There are no easy answers, but they might help trigger some helpful conversations. I have other prompts up at Teamprompts.

How do we preserve _______________ while at the same time ________________ ?

How do we enable _______________ without adversely impacting our ability to _______________?

How do we enable some teams to _______________ without adversely impacting other teams and their ability to  _______________ ?

How do we enable _______________ more broadly, while at the same time preserving _______________ ?

The pendulum has swung a bit too far in the direction of us _______________. How do we course-correct without losing _______________?

How do we develop a new ability to _______________ , while most of the inertia is focused on _______________ ?

How do we mute/diminish our tendency to _______________ ,  without losing _______________?

How do we explore the uncertainty related to  _______________ , while making progress on more certain opportunities like  _______________ ?

How do we increase the likelihood of _______________ , given our tendency to _______________ ?

Currently, we feel most constrained by _______________ . Is there a way to remove that constraint such that _______________ continues, but we are able to start _______________ ?

We’ve managed to get _______________ working on a small scale and in pockets. We are interested in trying this more globally, but we are concerned that _______________ .

We appear to be over-optimizing when it comes to  _______________ , which is creating difficulty when it comes to  _______________ .

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